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Lead Testing

On September 6, 2016, Governor Cuomo signed legislation making New York the first state in the nation to require all school districts to test portable water systems for lead contamination and to take responsive actions if necessacy. The New York State Department of Health regulations have defined a considerably higher standard for acceptable levels of lead than that previously defined the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which was 20 parts per billion (ppb). Under this new standard, an "action plan" must be developed for any outlet where lead levels are found to be above 15 parts per billion (ppb). An outlet is defined as any water supply (fountain, faucet, etc.) that is used, or may potentially be used, for drinking or cooking. 
The Sherbume-Earlville Central School District has taken this new regulation seriously and contracted with engineering and environmental testing firms that specialize in this work. We have contracted with these professionals to ensure that only drinking outlets meeting this high standard will be available to our students, staff and public. Outlets identified as exceeding the acceptable level have been taken out of operation and will remain out until remediated. The results of the required testing conducted at all sites within the District are at right:
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