Superintendent's Message

Welcome back to a new and exciting school year. It’s great to see our students’ smiling faces again after a long summer break. I hope all of you enjoyed the summer and were able to spend quality time with family and friends. 

Each new school year brings a fresh start and a renewed focus on accomplishments to come and goals for a successful future. As we embark on this year’s journey, I extend a hand to all stakeholders of our school community to become partners in helping our students reach and exceed their goals and aspirations for a bright future.

Each summer and several times during the school year, the district develops and facilitates the strategic plan for the school year and beyond. This process, called LINKS, results in action plans for improving current programs and developing new strategies and programs to better meet the needs of our students.

A theme that became clear during this year’s process was the importance of our school community to “engage and connect.” This mantra can be applied to multiple facets of the students’ educational experience. Instructional practices must engage learners and make practical connections to what many term as the real world. Engaging students on a personal level and making connections to their interests and needs will result in a mutual effort to help students realize their aspirations and make a clear path to their goals. No one can argue the fact that a student may not care what you know unless they know that you care. This is true in school, at home, in the workplace, and in the community at large. When we engage with students, they feel connected to the school environment and ultimately, they want to be in school.

With that all said, I extend a hand to everyone in the community to be a partner in this important endeavor to engage and connect with our students in each opportunity you have. After all, our students are the future of our country and our communities.

Student attendance is another focus for the new school year. We all know that academic success is directly connected to attendance. Our schools are bolstering efforts to increase attendance rates with increased communications and reaching out to families to assist in this important component of student success. It is another facet of our endeavor to engage and connect, as developing a partnership with our students’ families is a key component of reaching our goals.

This leads me into another shameless plug for improving the literacy skills of our students. I encourage all families to engage and connect by being partners with our schools and promoting literacy in your homes. Engage and connect with your local libraries and school programs that promote the love of reading. Engage and connect with your children by reading with them, encouraging them to read at home, and cultivating their interests with conversation on what they have discovered within the pages.

Let’s keep the momentum going and let’s all play our part in ensuring a positive and productive school year for all our students. It’s the relationships we forged that ultimately allow us to engage and connect. In doing so, we can ensure the success of our students and secure a bright future for our communities. I look forward to connecting and engaging with all of you on this year’s journey!

—Eric Schnabl, Superintendent

photo of Superintendent Eric Schnabl
Eric Schnabl - Superintendent
Phone: 607.674.7300
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