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Community Service

Community Service

The Sherburne-Earlville Board of Education requires fifteen (15) hours of Community Involvement as a prerequisite for high school graduation.


  • Activities to accumulate hours are to commence in September of freshman year and must be completed PRIOR to MAY 1st of the graduation year.
  • All activities must be pre-approved. Submit “Request for Approval of Community Involvement” forms to the High School Office.
  • Completion of the Community Involvement Activities is the student’s responsibility. Failure to complete the requirement will bar the student from graduation.
  • No monetary compensation (pay, tips) may be accepted.
  • Students may not ask to do activities for relatives or private businesses owned by relatives.
  • Activities are to be conducted within the general Sherburne-Earlville area, unless otherwise approved.
  • Students are not allowed to conduct community service during the regular school day unless a student is using lunch or a study hall mod.


STEP 1: Obtain a triplicate form at the High School Office front desk. The form is titled “Sherburne-Earlville Central School Request for Approval of Community Involvement.”
STEP 2: Completely fill out the form. Please include the dates of service when you describe the activity.
STEP 3: Hand in completed from to Mrs. Tredway in the High School Office for PRE-APPROVAL.
STEP 4: After you have received prior approval, then you can conduct your community service.
STEP 5: Obtain signature of the person or agency that you performed community service with.
STEP 6: Return completed form with signatures to Mrs. Tredway in the High School Office.

List of Non-Profits

This is a running list of organizations that may have opportunities available to earn community service hours. Please email [email protected] if you would like your non-profit added to our list!
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