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Ferdinand and Emilie Maltzan Awards

Leslie Wedge, Rylan Sigman, Cody Lawson, Ruby Rivenburgh, Emily Lawrence, Trinity Thornton, Tighe Dean, Lily Stoddard, Jordan Winton, Salutatorian Anna Fern, Valedictorian Grace Todd-Rogers, Susan Davidson (6/24/2023)

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2023 Ferdinand and Emilie Maltzan Awards, who were honored during Sherburne-Earlville High School’s 56th Graduation Ceremony on June 24 at Marauder Stadium. These prestigious awards, established by Adeline Maltzan in memory of her courageous, hardworking parents, have been given annually since 1997 to the 10 SEHS graduating seniors with the highest overall academic averages.

Leslie Wedge (far left) and his sister Susan Davidson (far right) proudly presented the 2023 Ferdinand and Emilie Maltzan Awards on behalf of their late aunt Adeline to (left to right) Rylan Sigman, Cody Lawson, Ruby Rivenburgh, Emily Lawrence, Trinity Thornton, Tighe Dean, Lily Stoddard, Jordan Winton, Salutatorian Anna Fern, and Valedictorian Grace Todd-Rogers. Each award-winner earned a scholarship in the amount of $1,740.

Brief History
Through a provision in her will, Adeline established a $250,000 fund with the Central New York Community Foundation to reward graduates for their academic achievements and to encourage students everywhere to maintain the highest standards throughout their lives. Now in its 27th year, the Ferdinand and Emilie Maltzan Scholarship Fund has awarded more than $476,000 to students.

Adeline was Sherburne High School’s Class of 1943 valedictorian, who learned from her parents – immigrants who married in 1907 before moving from New York City to Sherburne – that responsibility and hard work were the keys to success in academics and life. The second youngest of 10 children who grew up during the Great Depression and two world wars, Adeline went on to graduate from Syracuse University magna cum laude, then taught high school science while earning a Master’s Degree in Education. She later became the head of her science department and then launched a career as an allergy technician, retiring from the latter in 1984.

Adeline remained active throughout her retirement, supporting the Syracuse Symphony and volunteering as an adult reader at Rockwell Elementary School in Nedrow. Before succumbing to cancer on January 4, 1996, she took an important step toward assuring her philosophy and the legacy of her parents would live on by establishing the Ferdinand and Emilie Maltzan Scholarship Fund.

Contributions can be made to the fund at any time, in care of the Central New York Community Foundation, 500 Salina St., Suite 428, Syracuse, New York 13202-3302.

Note: Information regarding the history of the Ferdinand and Emilie Maltzan Awards above was published in the Spring 1996 edition of Communique, The Newsletter of the Central New York Community Foundation.
Sherburne-Earlville High School’s recipients of the Ferdinand and Emilie Maltzan Awards since 1997. These prestigious awards are given annually to the 10 SEHS graduating seniors with the highest overall academic averages.
2023: Grace Todd-Rogers (Valedictorian), Anna Fern (Salutatorian), Jordan Winton, Lily Stoddard, Tighe Dean, Trinity Thornton, Emily Lawrence, Ruby Rivenburgh, Cody Lawson, Rylan Sigman.
2022: Rebecca Karaman (Valedictorian), Samantha Sulton (Salutatorian), Caleb Hatton, Kayleigh Currie, Linkin Furlong, Nicholas McDaniel, Wyatt DuBois, Isabella Dienhoffer, Isaac Garner, Garrett Fleming.
2021: Jonah Smith (Valedictorian), Morgan Boldt (Salutatorian), Alexandra Kellogg, Tessa Cole, Kathleen Keyes, Madyson McCarthy, Jennifer Adsit, Peter Peschel, Justiss Kovack, Courtney Geier.
2020: Layne Sulton (Valedictorian), Laura Tenney (Salutatorian), Makayla Cornelius, Jaci Wright, Cassidy Rusweiler, Jessie Buruato, John Maltzan, Bailey Lagoe, Troy Fleming, Piper Page.
2019: Adam Aldrich (Valedictorian), Rebecca Turner (Salutatorian), Owen Rodriguez, Romeo Rapp, Anna Rinaldo, Andrew Schaefer, Matthew Ryan, Hannah Lawrence, Curtis Howard, Caleb Larchar.
2018: Harrison DuBois (Valedictorian), Kyle Cole (Salutatorian), Thaddeus Karaman, Jordyn Paul, Eva Westbrook, Kaylee Griffin, Keeley Gorsky, Emma Baker, Vincent Albertina, Joshua Kwasnik.
2017: Alexis Kane (Valedictorian), Molly Bachman (Salutatorian), Miranda Wright, Taylor Coughlin, Kaceylin Belush, Carley Britton, Vincent Taylor, Jackson Webster, Autumn Brewer, Lyn Farrow.
2016: Harlee Price (Valedictorian), Taylor Hallberg (Salutatorian), Colleen Bradley, Caitlin Lawrence, Tyler Rodriguez, Tyler Coughlin, Molly Karaman, Savannah Irwin, Maxwell Britton, Shanae Wright.
2015: Madeline DuBois (Valedictorian), Terrin Pierce (Salutatorian), Abigail Ryan, Jamie Rivington, Rebekah Taylor, Marissa Geier, Claudia Doughty, Allie LoPresti, Dylan Carpenter, Cheyanne Tucker.            
2014: Jordan van Althuis (Valedictorian), Kayla Belush (Salutatorian), Jessica Lathrop, Alexis Irwin, Elijah Morris, Meaghan Weinell, Kyle Burgess, Hannah Westbrook, Cade Shea, Lukas Fetzko.
2013: Carter Cole (Valedictorian), Michael Khory (Salutatorian), Zoe Enscoe, Sarah Matott, Emma Karaman, Samuel Caton, Ashley Eaton, Sarah Taylor, Rachel Casier, Caitlin Weinell.
2012: Douglas Parks (Valedictorian), Cory Musician (Salutatorian), Michelle Mackey, Megan Rogers, Randall Briggs, Jacob Bohnert, Mary Longman, Sierra Morris, Samuel Lagoe, Gizem Kocak.
2011: Margaret Dushko (Valedictorian), Kayla Geier (Salutatorian), Victoria Robertson, Daniel Palmiter, Rachael Bradley, Oria Bays, Alexandra Riley, Emilee Smith, Hannah Baker, Kassandra Lathrop.
2010: Gretchen Bradley (Valedictorian), Catherine Behret (Salutatorian), Andrew Parks, Taylor Morris, Megan Matott, Christopher Weinell, Eric Muth, Elizabeth Farrow, Ryan Downey, Molly Ogden.
2009: Kaitlyn Briggs (Valedictorian), Eric Robertson (Salutatorian), Tiffani Ackley, Brenda Hoefler, Brittany Clark, Timothy Simmons, Megan Record, Jesi Unger, Samantha Crandall, Andrea Cruz.
2008: Samantha Gillette (Valedictorian), Adrian Enscoe (Salutatorian), Ellen Fagan, Paul Weinell, Hannah Wilcox, Katherine Wansor, Megan Welshlko, Nolan Fuller, Megan Natoli, Elizabeth Lewis.
2007: Matthew Mastro (Valedictorian), Jonathan Pinney (Salutatorian), Justine Cameron, Travis Tomaselli, Laura Schmitt, Melissa Kane, William Caton, Gina Geruntino, Meryn Lounsbury, Jennifer Christian.
2006: Auralee Morin (Valedictorian), Alexandra Erath (Salutatorian), Jeffery Weinell, Samuel Glassbergen, Jacob Wansor, Elizabeth Cappadonia, Janelle Ogren, Jennifer Morgan, Kelly Shattuck, Wesley Tomaselli.
2005: Michael Bagnall (Valedictorian), Jennifer Pope (Salutatorian), Jessica Parsons, Melissa Martin, Amanda Jacobsen, John Lawrence, Emily Rose, Nathaniel Furey, Jessica Cross, Scott Downey.
2004: Kayleigh Scalzo (Valedictorian), Anna Fagan (Salutatorian), Christine Pfohl, Bradley Day, Nichole Foster, Sarah Weinell, Lauren Turrell, Brandon Cole, Abby Alishauskas, Quinn Fitzpatrick.
2003: Sara Paddock (Valedictorian), Jessica Farrow (Salutatorian), Callen Golden, Gina Irwin, Shannon McDermott, Jessica Schmitt, Colleen Ingerto, Alicia Prunoske, Kendall Johnson, Erin Brown.
2002: Allison Furey (Valedictorian), Rachel Furey (Salutatorian), Nicole VanGurp, Sarah Collins, Donyelle Losee, Victoria White, Cynthia Dugan, Annette Bagnall, Jason Hodge, Stacy Jusianiec.
2001: Stephen Lawrence (Valedictorian), Jennifer Tibbens (Salutatorian), Amy Steward, Andrew Bays, Kristie Day, Carolyn Weinell, Rachel Farrow, Brian Walker, David Critton, Kelly Cooman.
*2000: Sarah Taylor (Valedictorian), Rebecca Schmitt (Salutatorian), Nicholas Sabino, Kimberly Cross, Stephanie Miner, Krista Faulks, Matthew Weinell, Caleb Murphy, Brandon Irwin, Krysta Nower, Amanda Graham.
1999: Abigail Craine (Valedictorian), Abbey Campbell (Salutatorian), Scott Pudney, Stephen Dennison, Jansen Casscles, Myra McKenney, Patricia Beck, Crystal Lowe, Robert Cuffney, Jeremiah Depta.
1998: Alecia Acee (Valedictorian), Katherine Brady (Salutatorian), Adam Carvell, Adam Perrin, Dustin Simpson, Kristen McNeil, Nathaniel R. Smith, Jonathan Weinell, Gerard D’Amore, Benjamin Palmiter.
*1997: Betsy Virgil (Valedictorian), Danelle Babich (Salutatorian), Karen Mulligan, Bridget Cuffney, Rebecca Sanner, Kris VanWagner, Kevin Dowd, Rachel Ickes, Theodore Evans, Dione Kane, Shepardson Campbell.
*Note: In 1997 and 2000, the academic averages for the last two students were so close that the Maltzan family decided to present an 11th award.
Posted 6/26/2023

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