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Community School Organization

Community School Organization

The Community School Organization (CSO) has been active since 1994. We are a volunteer organization committed to helping the S-E community and school work together to provide the best place for our children to live, learn, and grow. Some of the highlights of the CSO include:
  • Three annual $250 high school scholarships
  • Price Chopper Tools for Schools program

Three Annual $250 scholarships:

Each year the CSO awards three $250 scholarships to graduating seniors pursuing a higher education. All seniors who are interested in applying should get an application from the counseling office in April. Requirements include a cummulative GPA of 85 or greater  and an essay explaining how the applicant has volunteered his or her time to make an impact on both our community and school. All applications are reviewed and scored by the CSO committee, with the assistance of various outside volunteers. The recipients are notified at graduation in June.

Recycling Program

In an attempt to be enviromently concious, the CSO is enrolled in a recycling program. We collect all of the following items: used or broken cell phones, ink jet cartridges, DVDs, DVD video games, laptop/notebook computers, MP3 players, digital cameras, digital video recorders/camcorders, digital picture frames, GPS devices, portable DVD players, and/or video game consoles - all working or non-working. The company we do business with pays us cash for these items that we use to support all of the wonderful programs we offer.

Price Chopper Tools for Schools:

Each year we participate in the Price Chopper Tools for Schools program. Each school earns points to redeem for merchandise at the end of the program. Various items which we have earned include books, office supplies, dry erase board markers, and games. This program helps offset the individual and school district costs to help make your children's classroom environments more effective.

We are already enrolled again for this year and if your Price Chopper card was registered last year, you are automatically registered for this year. If your Price Chopper card is not registered to earn points for Sherburne-Earlville Elementary, Middle or High School, you may do so by logging onto www.pricechopper.com/toolsforschools. Once you are registered, watch for specially marked items at Price Chopper that help our school earn bonus points when you purchase them. You can keep track of our school's‚ points by going to the above web site. We are competing against several local schools, so let's try to beat last year's total.
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