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Reopening Options: Blended or Virtual

Boy student with tissue boxes (7/31/2020)

Dear Parents and Caregivers:

I hope this message find you well. This week the district began to roll out the reopening plans for September 2020. The district is reopening in a Blended Learning model and will offer a Virtual Learning option as well. In the Blended Learning and Virtual Learning models the Sherburne-Earlville CSD is:

  1. 100% responsible for content, instruction, and assessment
  2. Students participating in Blended or Virtual learning are full time S-E students and can fully access all S-E resources including:
    a. Athletics
    b. Extra-curriculars
    c. Technology
    d. Related services (OT, PT, Speech, counseling, Etc.)

Blending Learning 

  1. Alternate Day A-B scheduling by family 
  2. 50% of students on Tuesday & Thursday
  3. 50% of students on Wednesday & Friday
  4. In-person learning 2 days per week & Virtual learning 3 days per week
  5. Engagement is mandatory 5 day per week
  6. Regular virtual and in-person access to school staff 

Virtual Learning

  1. 100% virtual learning 5 days per week Monday through Friday
  2. Engagement is mandatory 5 days per week
  3. Regular virtual access to school staff

Home Schooling

  1. Home school students are no longer S-E students
  2. Parents are 100% responsible for content, instruction, and assessment
  3. Limited availability to additional activities and services. Clubs may be available, however S-E sports are not an option.

Commissioner’s Regulation (CR) 135.4 (c)(7) directs that a participant in interscholastic sports must be enrolled in the public school; CR 135.1 directs that a participate in intramurals must be enrolled in the public school; however children educated other than at the public school may participate in school-sponsored club activities. www.p12.nysed.gov. Sherburne-Earlville has permitted home schooled students to participate in school-sponsored club activities. 

Per NYSPHSAA, a contestant must be a bona fide student of the high school represented and must be taking at least four subjects including Physical Education. www.nysphsaa.org

The partnership between home and school is essential to student success. We look forward to working with and serving your students this year. 

Robert G. Berson
Superintendent of Schools

Posted 7/31/2020 

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